EDUCATING CREATURES: Part Two of 'The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy

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by Mike Williams

EDUCATING CREATURES: Part Two of 'The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy

Grubdale in the year 1912 - a quaint Victorian town nestled high among the sheep and turnips of Northern England, boasting a regiment of Rifles, the Zoological Gardens and the most expensive and grandest of hotels this side of the viaduct, The Alpine Palace. But all is not as it seems. The Alpine Palace is overflowing with German spies and the latest addition to the Zoological Gardens is eating its way through the rest of the exhibits, breathes fire when it sneezes and is demanding to be called ‘Your Majesty’ when spoken to. All of this is nothing to the goings on at Grubdale Towers, a school for orphans where a bad tin of sardines has created a vacancy on the staff for a certain witch and her pink ‘poodle’ to teach ‘explosions’ to horrid little boys. While the Sisterhood continue their search for the Stately Wyrms of England, Rowena Carp must guard the last Prince of Wyrm and keep his identity a secret from the other boys at the school. Educating Creatures - the second part of ‘The Trouble with Wyrms’ Trilogy - the comedy continues.

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