Intergalactic Charters: The Adventures of Kace Woodman

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by JD Huff

Intergalactic Charters: The Adventures of Kace Woodman

Kace, a hunting and fishing guide in a futuristic setting, takes clients to exotic and unusual locations in search of adventure. Danger and excitement meet him in every corner of the galaxy as he does his best to be entertaining while keeping his clients safe.
Those paying to use the services of Intergalactic Charters are as varied and unpredictable as the planets they visit. And not every client is enamored with Kace's sense of humor or his sarcastic observations.
His boss keeps a close and critical eye on Kace as mayhem follows him on every outing. He might not care for Kace's personality, but he recognizes the talent Kace brings to the job. If only Kace could finish a charter without destroying something or almost getting a client killed.
But sometimes even these issues fade into the background...Kace just wants to get off the planet alive! These twelve adventures have Kace taking out such varied characters as rock stars, ministers, corporate leaders, military officers and even the President himself!
Enjoy these tales as you enter the world of Intergalactic Charters and meet Kace and his friends. Having you there might be a good thing - he may just need your help!

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