East 17 Super Trivia Quiz Book (World's Best Super Trivia)

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by Suzella Smith

East 17 Super Trivia Quiz Book (World's Best Super Trivia)

East 17 burst onto the UK music scene in the 1990s, quickly becoming one of the hottest boybands around. Over the years, they've had enough break-ups and comebacks to make heads spin, but they're still here, thrilling audiences new and old.

Now, find out whether you're just a fan -- or a super fan! -- with this all-new book of East 17 trivia. Challenge yourself and your friends! But be warned: Our trivia books are known to cause outbreaks of uncontrollable hilarity!

Sample Questions

East 17 was formed in Walthamstow in 1991. Walthamstow is a suburb of what city in the UK?
A. Manchester
B. Liverpool
C. Birmingham
D. Sheffield
E. London

The band’s primary songwriter is _______.
A. John Hendy
B. Tony Mortimer
C. Brian Harvey
D. Terry Coldwell
E. "Johnny Mortified," a character made up by John and Tony, whose name is used for all of East 17’s songwriting credits

Following the band’s second break-up, in 1999, Brian Harvey launched a solo career, collaborating on one Top 20 song with whom?
A. Jay-Z
B. Eminem
C. Kanye West
D. Wyclef Jean
E. Madonna

In May of 2005, Brian Harvey severely injured himself in an accident, requiring surgical treatment and falling into a coma lasting weeks. What did he do?
A. Set himself on fire while barbecuing
B. Went into a spin-out on his motorcycle, hitting the pavement head-first
C. Fell onto a carving knife whose blade was protruding from a kitchen drawer
D. Slipped while trying to dive into a swimming pool, hitting his back on the diving board
E. Ran over himself with his Mercedes

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