Dark Obligations: Book One of the Phantom Badgers

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by RW Krpoun

Dark Obligations: Book One of the Phantom Badgers

"A compelling new series...a band of unlikely heroes whose struggles within a fantastic and grim world are both dynamic and engrossing. These are not epic lords on world-saving quests, but rather are 'ordinary' folk trying to stay one step ahead of life's tribulations. A poor man's Game of Thrones." Reader's Vision.

Dark Obligations is a comprehensive tale of deadly intrigue, graphic violence, and fragile courage set in a grim fantasy world that is both familiar and alien. The story takes the reader through the depths of an abandoned Dwarven city whose halls still ring with battle, and on into a sleepy countryside whose shadows are home to a more insidious danger.

Set in a richly developed dark fantasy world, Dark Obligations is the tale of the Phantom Badgers, a pan-racial mercenary company determined to lift themselves from the mundane world of sell-swords into a better future. Caught between old enemies, allies of dubious intent, and unplanned complications the Badgers must face long odds, terrible foes, and cunning intrigue to establish a home for themselves.

Facing obligations that range from recovering valuables in the depths below an abandoned Dwarven city haunted by minions of the Void to solving a murder that just won’t make sense, the Badgers take the reader through a dynamic slice of a world that comes alive with each page.

With spells, steel, and simple courage the men and women, Dwarves and Threll of the Phantom Badgers face their obligations and enemies with equal amounts of audacity and bravado. From the diminutive Starr Brightgift, the spunky young Threll with little experience and a troubling secret, to Kroh Blackhand, the Dwarven Waybrother bound for wild death and glory, and on to Janna Maidenwalk, the scarred former Silver Eagle who simply cannot envision a life without war, the Phantom Badgers take the reader down a dark and bloody road to a destination that will only beckon them onwards.

Dark Obligations is the first volume in the Phantom Badgers series.

The Phantom Badgers series:
Book One: Dark Obligations
Book Two: Dark Key
Book Three: Dark Path
Book Four: Dark Practices
Book Five: Dark Tide
Book Six: Dark Journeys (TBA)

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