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by RW Krpoun

Chains of Honor

"A fast, gritty story of war, deception, and intrigue, Chains of Honor takes the reader from the Undead-haunted mountains to the steaming jungles of the Akur in a fantasy world at once similar and unlike our own." The Fantasy Reader.

"An avalanche of a tale starting with the simple duties of an outlander inspector to the Sultan and rolling steadily into a maelstrom of civil war, deadly intrigue, murderous deception, and dark betrayals. Fans of Game of Thrones will enjoy the twists." Books and Readers.

Chains of Honor is the story of Pieter Mironov and Uleg Savchenko, blood-brothers and sell-swords trapped on a distant continent by a mutually-shared aversion to sea travel outside the sight of land. Unable to return home by ordinary means the pair finds themselves caught between their commitment to an honest paymaster (the government) and a pending slave uprising. While both men are morally opposed to slavery the organization behind the looming rebellion brands all foreigners as enemies to be killed on sight, leaving them with few options.

Unloved by both sides of the conflict the two struggle to find their way through a foreign land on the verge of civil war. As tensions rise and violence escalates the mercenaries begin to see hints of a darker presence behind the social upheaval, a presence which will forever change their world view. Although simple men who prefer honest steel and straight-forward (if dirty) fighting, they are forced to learn patience and subtlety if they wish to survive the coming storm.

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