The Toymaker

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by Melissa Jensen

The Toymaker

Once you go to the mines, you never return—a rumor that had never concerned ten-year-old Ashima Nayar until the night her village was devastated. Now, with crops destroyed and desperation setting in, Ashima is suddenly separated from the only life she's known, while her parents depart to work in the dreaded mines. But Ashima isn’t a girl willing to wait around with only the hope that her parents might return. She’s going to find them. In her quest, she befriends Ren, a man with a strange but amazing ability. They are drawn into a world full of raging Beasts, tyrannical goblins, and perilous secrets. With the help of Ren and his unusual gift, they set out in search of her parents, and the answer to a mystery that has haunted Ren for years. An answer that just might change the course of the world.

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