The Zone

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by RW Krpoun

The Zone

"A smooth, clean read that takes the reader from normalcy to a full-blown zombie apocalypse with understated of The Walking Dead take note: this one's for you." The Brenham Tribune.

Trapped inside a government cordon with a city's worth of zombies lusting for his flesh, Martin must survive, locate his estranged family, and deal with a stranger who claims to be an academic who knows a secret behind the outbreak.

The Zone is the story of Martin D’Erin, a medically retired Texas police officer struggling with loss and isolation who is caught up in a plague that turns a major city into a zombie madhouse. Fast-paced, brutal, and authentic, The Zone begins with Martin's final bloody day as a police officer, his partial recovery, and the city's slide into a nightmare.

The outbreak catches the socially isolated Martin inside the Exclusion Zone established around the city, and more importantly to Martin, gives him a mission and a purpose. Seeing an opportunity to regain a sense of who he was, Martin aggressively takes action against the zombie-like infected, rallying with other survivors to save those who cannot extract themselves.

Martin’s journeys through the ravaged city mirror his struggles with a deeply ingrained sense of self, unquestioning nature, and a drive to regain what he had lost. The Zone is at its core a story about loss, the power of hope, and the values which will drive a man to risk his life.

Unusual in this genre The Zone takes the reader through the earliest onset of a zombie epidemic into its full-blow outbreak in a vivid, gritty style. The story is told by a writer thoroughly experienced in emergency services, disaster planning, and military operations.

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