Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang

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by Heather Hamel

Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang

This multi-award winning book will warm your heart and give you dreams of riding through the wind!

Most wild mustangs only want three things in life: food, water, and blend in with the herd. Kobi is not your average mustang. He is constantly in trouble for exploring canyons and running from coyotes. His parents think he’s going to get himself killed long before he’s old enough to start his own herd. He doesn’t listen to them or feel the need to prove anything to anyone. He is Kobi.

When his entire herd is rounded up and auctioned off, Kobi finds himself thrown into a new world of humans and horse trailers. Figuring out his new life is one thing, proving that a wild caught mustang is as talented as a purebred horse is another.

Will he overcome the prejudice in the show ring or will he prove that mustangs are nothing more than a rodeo spectacle?

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Pages: 213

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