Super Sporty 5: The Secret of the Chargust Charm

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by Ellie Firestone

Super Sporty 5: The Secret of the Chargust Charm

Horses. Superheroes. And an alien amulet from the dawn of time!

Sporty and her best friend, Harley, are two young horses who play basketball for Horsecitty's professional team called the Shorthorns. They're also superheroes.

After an eventful summer break, Sporty and Harley are back at basketball training, but they can't stay out of trouble for long! A series of break-ins at the Horsecitty Basketball Complex, a mysterious necklace, and a long-lost pal turning up in the most unlikely of places -- and those are just the start of their problems. What does it all mean? It means that Sporty and Harley are back in action against one of their deadliest enemies! The world may never be the same again...

If you like horses, if you like superheroes, if you like adventure and aliens, then you'll love Super Sporty and the rest of the Horsecitty gang.

Keep an eye out for future adventures of Super Sporty, written and illustrated by Ellie Firestone. Check out her author page or website for more information.

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