Steal from the Devil (Armada Wars Book 1)

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by R. Curtis Venture

Steal from the Devil (Armada Wars Book 1)

In his distinctive debut novel R. Curtis Venture establishes a believable world populated with recognisable characters, setting them on a journey which will pit them against an adversary unlike anything they have seen before. The first volume in a five book story, Steal from the Devil serves as a relatively forgiving primer to the sinister and calamitous volumes which follow it.

For almost six centuries the First Unified Imperial Combine has ruled the Orion arm of the galaxy in the name of Earth. But things are about to go horribly, horribly wrong...

All alone at the very edge of human territory, a clandestine Imperial facility has fallen silent for reasons unknown, and special operative Elm Caden has been tasked by the Empress herself to find out why. All Caden wants is a straightforward mission with a simple conclusion; what he finds is a woman whose mind is missing.

As the evidence begins to point to a hostile incursion, and the Imperial Combine rallies to mobilise a retaliatory strike against a neighbouring power, Caden and his companions discover a web of intrigue which becomes steadily more disturbing. Out there, in the darkness between the bright arms of the galaxy, something subversive and malignant has set its gaze upon the Many Worlds of the Empire.

Fill the Silence.

Advisory: this is the first book in a five book story.

The Armada Wars series takes place in our own galaxy, centuries in the future. Populated with realistic characters, fascinating locales, and believable tech, the armadaverse is the perfect setting for the one thing we all want from the military science fiction genre: big bad battles.

Steal from the Devil is best read back-to-back with List of the Dead. The same story continues in The Ravening Deep and From Shattered Stars, also available in paperback and Kindle formats. This story will end in apocalyptic style with Whom Gods Shall Fear, due in 2018.

Steal from the Devil can now also be purchased for Kindle as part of the Armada Wars Books 1-3 Omnibus, and is available in audiobook format through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

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