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Eye of the Storm (Bloodhaven Book 1)

He'll protect her with everything he has.

Eye of the Storm (Bloodhaven Book 1)

by Lynn Graeme

He'll protect her with everything he has.

In Bloodhaven, a city rife with tensions between humans and shifters, wolf-shifter Grayson Moran makes himself a target when he takes a public stance against extremist factions attempting to eradicate all human existence. When a human woman comes forward claiming to have made a disturbing discovery, his protective instincts surge to the forefront, even as he can't deny she makes him burn with other feelings he'd long thought dormant and broken.

Sara Coulson is no fool. Working alongside suspicious shifters in a world where the humans and shifters are only just barely managing to co-exist, she has reason to be wary. Still, her determination to keep her distance wavers in the face of this intriguing alpha male, even as she comes under attack by enemies determined to silence her for good.

Together, Grayson and Sara must learn to trust as they battle . . . the eye of the storm.

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