Edinburgh - A Capital City

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by J.P. Tierney

Edinburgh - A Capital City

Take a unique, poetic, look at the history, the characters and the places that have helped shape the great City of Edinburgh. Read, from a fresh perspective, the timeless tale of Greyfriars Bobby and the horrific story of mass-murderers Burke and Hare. Take a poetically guided tour around enchanting Holyrood Park. Hear of the blood-soaked histories of Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace and Holyrood Chapel. Meet three of the world-renowned writers from the city, Scott, Stevenson and Conan Doyle. Read of Edinburgh's Hogmanay, of the founding-father of Floral Clocks, of Mayday on the mount and of the fabulous Festival. Told in the grand narrative tradition of the poet as a storyteller, this collection of twenty poems is laid out within a firm structure of rhyme, rhythm and metre. An essential read for visitors and residents alike, this is a truly unique take on the story of a most capital city.

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