Wave Singers (The Equilibria Collection)

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by Echo Fox

Wave Singers (The Equilibria Collection)

- A standalone novel in the Equilibria Collection -

The only future that eighteen year old Merry Malone sees for herself is one involving music, until the discovery of a mysterious locket knocks her life off course. Merry’s past leads to a faraway land with strange customs and an even stranger people, the Mer.

Discovering a realm of shapeshifters led by a tyrant king, Merry is quickly drawn into their magical, musical world. Underneath the waves of a continent lost to time, the Mer are governed by forces she doesn’t understand.

But the Mer need help and for some reason, they are starting to look to Merry to provide it.


Trouble is brewing in the harmonious land of Pangaea. Ever since the continent was split into it’s four elemental parts by Strife, the balance has been edging ever so slightly in favour of the dark.

Now, four elementals just coming into their powers must meet Strife head on and restore balance to their world.

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