Battle Scarred Journey

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by Kim Wheeler

Battle Scarred Journey

A Battle Scarred Journey is a gritty, brutal, honest and painful story of one man’s trials in life.
My birth mother deserted me just fifteen days after I was born in London. Sadly for both of us she seemed to have little choice but to abandon me. She hand me over to the local authorities after she had stoically carried me for nine months. Tragically mother and child were never to see each other again.
The story continues with my journey through the varied extremes life trials. The journey from my children’s home through the fostering and adoption and sadly, where that went wrong and the feelings of rejection after being sent away some six years later to a boarding school. At aged fifteen with little qualifications to face the world alone. The book covers several abuses metered out mainly due to skin colour, unknown parentage and humble beginnings and then swiftly moves on to a litany of injuries, surviving meningitis, drug and alcohol abuse and then disabled with an incurable spine injury. A Battle Scarred Journey then describes about complete breakdown and how bit by bit day by day I climbed from the bottom of my pit towards the light of freedom and salvation, a journey that in itself took ten years to where I am now a free and content man who enjoys nothing more than his rescue dogs, positive attitude, freedom and contentment which seemed unobtainable many years ago.

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