Maggie's Ghost: A Maggie McGill Mystery (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 6)

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by Sharon Burch Toner

Maggie's Ghost: A Maggie McGill Mystery (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 6)

Southern California: January 1930. For Sylvie St. Ange, a get away home near San Diego is an aspiring actress’s dream. She found her very own Shangri-La in a cottage with an ocean view.

Southern California: April this year. For Maggie McGill, finding a home in California near her beloved daughter, Allie, has been a dream. Maggie is ecstatic about her move from Florida to California. Ecstatic, that is, until she moves into her new home, a charming beach cottage near Allie and the ocean. Ecstatic, that is, until she discovers an unwanted resident in her plum vintage bathtub.

Who is the woman who died there? How did she die? And why did she choose Maggie’s tub for her final resting place?

Discovering the answers to these questions catapult Maggie and Allie, into a mystery, initially puzzling and then increasingly dangerous. They meet the terrifying challenges with lighthearted courage, resourcefulness and wit.

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