The Aries Woman Rams of Fortitude

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by D. M. Hoover

The Aries Woman Rams of Fortitude

The Aries woman book is an astrological study which includes natal charts of all the famous women featured herein . She is one who usually will take the road less traveled which is most oftentimes not the path of least resistance.
The sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and more often than not, the Aries women likes challenges and hates to be bored for long.

The book features over a dozen famous women from various fields including science, entertainment, journalism, etc. Looking at their lives and careers makes for an interesting study for even the casual astrology fan. Divergent though their paths in life may have been, they all demonstrate the determination and self-assurance that so typifies the Aries Sun sign.

The book includes a brief astrological description of each of the natal charts, some with known times of birth and some without the time of birth. In the case of the ones without, I often have used the Sunrise chart.

Readers may notice as well, that feminism traits is also part of the overall consciousness of most of these women. They love their freedoms and do not tolerate being told what their place is by others.

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