A Daughter's Tragic Descent Into Mental Illness

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by D. M. Hoover

A Daughter's Tragic Descent Into Mental Illness

On August 26th, 2008, several days after being told by her husband that their marriage was over, our beautiful 31 year old daughter checked herself into a cheap Blythe California motel. The next day she wedged a chair under the door, put out a do not disturb sign, and then killed herself with an overdose of the prescription medications she had been given to treat her depression. She left behind two 4 year old twin daughters that she referred to as "the loves of her life".

Jessica had so much promise, so much talent and love in her, yet her naiveté and innocence led her to pick the wrong friends in youth and the wrong men in adulthood. She allowed herself to be physically and verbally abused during her teenage years but was resistant to help and it appears that the pattern of choosing questionable men was a lifelong constant. It seems she always put her faith and wellbeing in the hands of people who cared more about themselves than about her.

She estranged herself from her parents which severely limited our ability to help her in any meaningful way, while the medical community only filled her with pills, the same pills that she used to end her life. Instead of serious treatment for her mental disorders, even after checking herself into a hospital for suicide ideation 7 months prior in an obvious cry for real help, all she got was pills and marriage counseling. The medications listed in the book only seemed to worsen her condition and made her fearful and paranoid, all while she was the main caretaker of their two small children. In the end she was abandoned by the people with whom she had placed all her faith and trust, was left on her own with seemingly no way out except to leave this world behind.

This is her story, the story of her life, death, the events that brought her to this desperate end, and the tragic aftermath.

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