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A Voyage for History

An adventure-packed, nautical tribute to the Greatest Generation

A Voyage for History

by Michaele Lockhart

An adventure-packed, nautical tribute to the Greatest Generation

On a sentimental journey turned terrifying voyage, a determined group of veterans come together, joined by one shared common cause—the rescue of a US Navy tank landing craft critical to the battles of World War II.

Their goal is to restore and preserve this antique vessel as a living history maritime museum, to honor the thousands who served on her and the cause she served. Now renamed the Aeolus, their prize is rotting in a ship graveyard, half-way around the world. Bonded in a unique camaraderie they claim their ship, encounter delays in Crete, Naples, and Gibraltar, and then sail into a harrowing late-season hurricane and North Atlantic winter storm.

These men and their ship are coming home, but not without adventure and misadventure, drama and tragedy, and even a touch of romance. Facing the inevitable challenges and clashes of personalities that have never worked together before, they now encounter their ultimate fight for survival, acutely aware of their vulnerability and limitations, alone in the middle of the North Atlantic.

An adventure-packed tribute to the Greatest Generation.

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