That's Just the Way It Is: a short story (Western Short Story Book 1)

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by Shirley Sorbello

That's Just the Way It Is: a short story (Western Short Story Book 1)

Becky’s hopes and dreams are on the line when she marries John Coulter six months after meeting him. Finding true love on the Texas prairie in the 1860’s may not be as easy as she thinks with a man who has a dark past. Marriage between an educated young woman from Philadelphia and a Texas cowboy with shaky values are bound to create some sparks.

Does John allow his jealousy and controlling ways destroy their relationship and their children’s lives, or can the strength of their love keep them together? Find out if true love conquers all while Becky shares with you many poignant memories from this lifetime. A rather unconventional short story of love, violence and clash of values with a spiritual twist.

This story continues in "Return to Texas," published in March, 2014.

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