Whatever Happened to "Little Nancy"

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by D.M. Hoover

Whatever Happened to

When I first heard that my childhood friend Nancy Sweitzer was convicted of murder I was stunned by the news. Our relationship lasted about three years, primarily from the age of 13 to 16 yrs. and I share the remembrances of those times we spent together with the reader.
I also touch upon Nancy’s early brush with fame in a popular local TV show fifty years ago which spawned a famous Play and then movie called " Hairspray".
Nancy was a year younger than I, so our direct interactions were somewhat less frequent than with other friends, but we went places together and I was in her home numerous times. She was a friend of mine and I liked her very much as did many other people who knew her. We were all floored and saddened by the news. However I felt that the final record of labeling her as a criminal and murderer while technically accurate, it falls far short of describing the total person. We are all more than just one event in life and are comprised of many elements. The vicissitudes of life can play a larger role in our lives than we may ever know.
Her crimes and the subsequent trial were detailed in another book, but information about her formative years was sparse. As I said our interactions were somewhat sporadic. Therefore I decided that the best way to examine her early life, and perhaps see some factors that may have contributed to her ultimate downfall, was by writing about my own life and what it was like growing up in Baltimore City in the early 1960s. Nancy lived right around the corner from my house so my experiences, while not identical to hers, would have been reflective of her own during that time period. Most of my friends and neighbors were hers as well.
Therefore this isn’t the typical who done it, as we already know that, neither is it a biography of Nancy, her family or the victim of her ultimate crime Jack Watkins. Instead it is my perspective on the times and the events in the mid-sixties. . Memories fade over time but I have attempted to recall all the details as accurately as possible.
Like many teenage friends we drifted apart after marriage, but as fate might have it, we both left the city behind and moved to the same area in Howard County Maryland living only minutes apart. Her criminal activity all took place in this area, which I discuss later in the book, and we also had a chance meeting during this time for which I’ve explained my feelings in the prologue.

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