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by Marilyn Clay


From the rocky shores of Lake Stevens near small town Rockhill, Texas to the teeming streets of Dallas and sweltering beaches of Miami, amateur sleuth and aspiring PI Amanda Mason fearlessly stalks the killer who is letting her father take the blame for murder.

Single mom Amanda Mason thinks she’d make a pretty good Private Investigator. Trouble is, she doesn’t own a cell phone or a computer and her old green Dodge only starts when it wants to. Plus, for the most part, she’s stuck at home with a precocious five-year-old, AND looking after her elderly father who just had a heart attack AND helping him run his dilapidated bait and tackle shop on the lake. But when the Pinehill PD suddenly charge her dad with murder, Amanda has to prove she’d make a VERY GOOD PI and solve the case ASAP, otherwise her dad is going to jail for life! What’s worse, Amanda doesn’t really trust the man who has agreed to help her and is traveling with her. Since he’s keeping his true identity a secret, Amanda fears it’s possible he knows all the answers and is purposely keeping her in the dark. But, why?

“Marilyn Clay’s mystery novels keep readers on the edge of their seats while breathlessly awaiting the outcome. Another well-done and thoroughly engaging novel by this masterful story-teller.” – Barbara Hunt, Red River Reviews.

“Well-drawn and believable characters coupled with an unusual setting and a surprise ending all add up to a very enjoyable read. A unique cozy mystery set near Dallas, Texas.” – Angela Harrington, Mystery Reviewer.

Author Marilyn Clay’s novels have been reviewed and praised by The Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus, and literary magazines such as Historical Novels Review, Romantic Times, Red River Reviews, and many other on-line review sites.

Best-selling author Marilyn Clay's Colonial American Historical Suspense novels, DANGEROUS DECEPTIONS and DANGEROUS SECRETS were both Five Star novels published in hardcover by Thompson Gale. Both are now available as ebooks from major online retailers, as is BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY, set in Colonial American Philadelphia in 1776 .

Look for Marilyn Clay's new Regency-set Juliette Abbott Mystery series. The first book in the series MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR is now available in print and ebook from Amazon and many other retail ebook sites. Happy Reading!

All five of Marilyn Clay's non-fiction titles as well as several of her Regency novels have been named to Amazon's Best Seller lists. For more information on Author, Marilyn Clay, visit her website at: Marilyn Clay, Author.

Author's Note: I would like to thank the following RWA members for their encouragement and kind words back when many of us were just starting out in our writing careers: Diane Stuckart, Ali Brandon, Sandra Brown, Jo Beverley, Tanya Ann Crosby, and Judy Christenberry. A special thank you to Libby Malin who compared my Colonial historical suspense novels to those written by Philippa Gregory, Anne O'Brien, and Mary Sharratt. Thank you, ladies!

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