Spirit Wise Book 2: Intuitive Messages from my Higher-Self

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by Ian Ronald Johannesen

Spirit Wise Book 2: Intuitive Messages from my Higher-Self

Spirit Wise Book 2: Intuitive Messages from my Higher-Self

by Ian Ronald Johannesen

This is the second book in the Spirit Wise series and it is absolutely packed full of spiritual truths about: life, death, depression, disease, reincarnation and the afterlife.
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Spirit Wise Book 2: Intuitive Messages from my Higher Self, is the second installation in the Spirit Wise series by Ian Ronald Johannesen. Not only is it jam-packed with more revealing information about the origins of life on Earth and the spirits who dwell on the other side, it also includes some new and highly relevant topics such as: the spiritual causes of depression and sickness, and what really happens to people who commit suicide, and just like Book 1 it has  been written in an easy to read, non-religious format. If you thoroughly enjoyed Spirit Wise Book 1: Intuitive Guidance from my Higher Self, then you will not be disappointed with this latest book in the series as it basically carries on from where Book 1 finishes.
For those of you interested in future predictions, this book also gives some amazing insight into why we humans are so diverse and why it is unlikely that the Earth will end any time soon.

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