Guardians of Shadow (Shadow Gods Saga Book 8)

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by Stefan Vucak

Guardians of Shadow (Shadow Gods Saga Book 8)

After destroying a Kran invader, Terr, Teena and his brother Dharaklin, head for Orieli space where they will begin their cultural exchange mission. In a devastating Kran attack, Teena is taken and Terr seeks to rescue her, confronting an implacable enemy. The Fernai emerge from their self-imposed isolation and provide technology to enable the Orieli to protect themselves. Undeterred, the Krans attack Anar’on, the fabled world of the Wanderers. In retaliation, the Wanderers seek to wipe out the blight that is Prime Zero. Wielding the hand of Death, Terr is prepared for a final confrontation. An explosive continuation of this interstellar saga.

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