The Hidden Auditorium

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by Rosanne Dingli

The Hidden Auditorium

An art mystery rocks the music world.
When Richard Wagner died in Venice in 1883, it was the end of a creative and tumultuous life. His family grieved, and the world lost the brilliant composer of The Flying Dutchman.
Almost 130 years later, antiques dealer Nic Manton finds a valuable pendant which could be the solution to his financial mess. With no idea of its meaning or provenance, he can't understand why the pendant creates such fear and confusion, and worsens rather than solves his problems. Beautiful but erratic Tiana seems to be its owner. She leads him from Rome to Venice and then to Malta, on a chase that becomes more risky and dangerous than it should be. Could it be that the dead composer's skull is hidden in a Venetian palace? Manton must find out. A melancholic widow and a brilliant but vague professor are willing to help with the mystery. But he doubts if they can.

“… beautifully written.” Boyd Lemon

An exhilarating story of romance and historical intrigue, The Hidden Auditorium is a breathless but atmospheric journey that tantalizes devotees of classical music, pleases lovers of old jewellery, and intrigues fans of traditional mysteries. Staged in authentic locations for which Rosanne Dingli’s work is sought-after, this is a novel of extraordinary power.

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