Dying Words (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 4)

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by C.A. Larmer

Dying Words (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 4)

DYING WORDS is the fourth stand-alone mystery in the popular amateur detective series starring feisty Ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

When a dying man utters Roxy's name with his final, gasping breath, our merlot-swilling ghostwriter is thrown into the middle of her most baffling—and brutal—cozy mystery yet. Why would someone Roxy barely knows call out HER name on his deathbed? What did he give her that holds the key to his murder? And is it linked to a ghoulish burglar who looks strangely like Bugs Bunny?

Thus begins the fourth stand-alone adventure in the Ghostwriter Mystery series by top-selling cozy author C.A. Larmer. In this instalment, Roxy is hired by the dead man’s daughter to find a missing photograph that's more than just a happy snap—it hides a secret so chilling, it will leave you gasping until the very end.

In Roxy’s most confounding mystery to date, it’s not just about murder, it’s about greed, betrayal and cold-blooded revenge. But don't despair! There are plenty of laughs along the way as we reunite with Roxy's motley mates, including cool cop Gilda and hunky boyfriend Max. He's trying hard to support Roxy's death fetish but has a bombshell of his own to drop.

Buckle your seatbelts for another gripping Ghostwriter Mystery ride by the author of the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club.

WARNING: Contains some Australian slang and adult language.

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