The Alecto Initiative (Loralynn Kennakris Book 1)

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by Jordan Leah Hunter, Owen R. O'Neill

The Alecto Initiative (Loralynn Kennakris Book 1)

Life was never easy out in the Methuselah Cluster, the most remote region humanity ever settled, but when her father abandoned her, 11-year-old Loralynn Kennakris began to learn just how ugly it could get. Within a year, she was sold a brutal slaver captain who took from her the last thing she owned: her name.

Most girls in Kris's position last a year or two. Kris survived for eight before she was set free.

Unfortunately, eight years growing up in hell prepared Kris for nearly everything but freedom, and her new life isn't at all what she imagined. Not only must she find her way in a new society full of bizarre rules, but her rescuers think she's a terrorist plant, a beautiful interstellar celebrity is complicating matters in more ways than one . . . and now someone is trying to kill her.

But Kris does have one thing going for her: she has no concept of a no-win scenario.

The Alecto Initiative is the story of an extraordinary young woman who was forced to grow up looking death in the eye. It is the thought-provoking beginning to a new science-fiction series unlike any you have ever read.

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