Song of the Vampire: Vampyr

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by K. M. McFarland

Song of the Vampire: Vampyr

Nadia Forrester did not believe the stories about New Orleans being a haven for vampires until the night her band, Icedragon, played at an edgy music club in the French Quarter called Vampyr. Later that evening, Nadia discovers not only do vampires exist, but she has close ties to the club's reclusive owner.

Quinn Forrester was a successful rock star in 1989 until his world turned upside down the night he was turned into an ageless vampire forcing him to live in seclusion. Quinn opened Vampyr where he hid behind the scenes pinning over his band, his wife, his baby daughter, and the life he once had. In 2007, his lonely immortal existence was about to change for the better the night Icedragon graced Vampyr's stage.

Drawn to Quinn's world, Nadia wants to be a part of it. Quinn is happy to welcome her, but Nadia’s fate is sealed, and they guide each other through their dark world. As they help each other battle their demons, the revelation of dark secrets, shocking lies, and deceptions lead to the discovery of the truth about Quinn's transformation into immortality.

This edition of Song of the Vampire contains editorial revisions.

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