Song of the Vampire: Vampyr

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by K. M. McFarland

Song of the Vampire: Vampyr

Nadia didn't believe the stories about New Orleans being a haven for vampires until the night her band played at an edgy music club in the French Quarter called Vampyr. Later that evening, Nadia discovers not only are vampires real, but she has close ties to the club's reclusive owner.

Nadia's father, Quinn Forrester, was a rock star whose band topped the charts in 1989. Nadia has no memories of him since he mysteriously vanished from the world at the height of his career. Eighteen years after her father's sudden disappearing act, Nadia learns her family has dark secrets.

As revelations of lies and deceptions cause Nadia to come face-to-face with her demons; she soon discovers that sometimes the people you trust the most are not always loyal to you while others you have little faith in have your back. What will happen when Nadia comes to the conclusion that the only one she can trust — is immortal?

This edition of Song of the Vampire contains editorial revisions.

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