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by Florence Osmund


"Daughters" has been honored with the BRAG Medallion.

Discovering the identity of your real father can be life-altering. Just ask Marie. At twenty-six, she is about to meet her father for the first time and sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family.

As she packs her suitcase, Marie wonders how her newfound family will receive her and what she will learn about them…and their ethnicity. While she realizes that her life will change because of them—it is not knowing just how much that scares her.

Will Marie find the peace and truth in her life that she so desperately needs, or is it unrealistic for her to think that such disparate lives can freely converge in 1940s middle America? She quickly learns that the answer to that question is not going to come easily.

A lot happens as a result of Marie’s visit, but ironically the most significance consequence grows out of an encounter with a twelve-year-old neighbor girl named Rachael.

What others are saying about "Daughters:"

Pens and Needles - "Civil rights, gender roles, and political postures are carefully, realistically, and sensitively present in this story."

Reba K - "I was enriched by the experience of having met the characters in this book. Filled within these pages are pieces of history, done so in such a soothing and gentle frame that some readers may actually miss the significance of the experience."

BestChickLit - "This is undoubtedly a story of identity and the importance of having a family with whom we can connect and trust."

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