Alphabeti-cool: painted ABCs

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by Rebecca Bielawski

Alphabeti-cool: painted ABCs

ABCDEFG so many letters on the alphabet tree. HIJKLMNOP spell all the words for the things we see. QRSTUV, W's a tricky one, then XY and Z !

Captivate and cultivate the imagination while teaching the letters from A to Z. Curious kids can take a trip through the alphabet stopping to see amazing asteroids and big-bellied bats, to row down a rainbow river and meet a yellow yak along the way!

A great tool to teach the alphabet at home or in the classroom. Full page, colour pictures where all letters appear in upper and lower case with a fun example of both, easy to remember and identify. ABCs have never been so fun and interesting.

WORDS: 105
LEVEL: Toddler, Pre-school, Primary School

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