Complications (The Evolution Trilogy Book 2)

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by Vanessa Wester

Complications (The Evolution Trilogy Book 2)

Steven Thorn has had a nightmare year... He finds out he is not normal. His life gets erased. He starts a new life in the amazon, and then he ends up with a debilitating injury. Life could not get any worse - he thinks.
Yet luck is on his side as his injury leads to freedom and his eventual return to Southampton. His new home is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Southampton, a place close to his first love, Caitlin Chance. Now that he is back, he intends to find a way into her life, but he has no idea if she will even remember him.
Caitlin is about to discover the reason for her unexplained sadness over the past year, and will find it hard to resist Steven's magnetic pull. She has never been good at avoiding things that are bad for her, and the return of Steven is about to challenge her willpower in an unimaginable way.
As begun in Hybrid, Vanessa Wester takes you back to the University of Southampton to reveal more twists and turns in The Evolution Trilogy. Life is full of complications, and sometimes it is hard to know if you made the right choice.
"...I was totally hooked by page 10 and literally could not turn the pages quickly enough towards the end. The characters are much more developed in this second book and the storyline is fascinating! Caitlin still remains my favourite character and I hope to see more of her, I cannot wait for the third book and find out what happens!"
"A brilliant sequel to hybrid, this novel followed on well in story and character. I read the entire book in one sitting (when I was meant to be sleeping) as it had me gripped the whole way through. Roll on number 3, I await with baited breath!"
"We learn a lot about Steven and his family, move successfully from the Amazon back to England where Steven thinks he belongs and watch him attempt to get the girl he loves. He has changed though and has powers he is not fully aware of. He starts to understand these powers a little bit better as he tries to get Caitlin back. She is a little stubborn but he is determined to be with the only girl he ever loved, no matter what. As Caitlin begins to remember him and they spend time together rekindling their love, events happen that are going to change their lives forever.
So many things just happened to Steven and Caitlin, so much to think about... Love the ending of this book."
"Vanessa Wester has done a fantastic job with this and I enjoyed every bit of it. The story flowed well and with a few twists in the story, Vanessa keeps you on edge! I loved the characters, especially the mc Steven.
A well-deserved 5 stars and I cannot wait to read the last book in this brilliant trilogy. 
*~COMPLICATIONS has some scenes of an adult nature. It may be considered unsuitable for younger readers~*
The Evolution Trilogy continues with RETURN. You can also find out more about Steven's mother in the prequel, EMILY.
"A great set of books. A must read for all. Imaginative story somehow believable. I would like to visit the community myself."
Lovely Lane
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