Last Writes (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 3)

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by C.A. Larmer

Last Writes (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 3)

In the third instalment of the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series, LAST WRITES, Roxy Parker is back, and this time it's personal.

Someone is killing best-selling authors—a science-fiction writer has been violently slashed with an ‘X’, a gardening guru bludgeoned with his own shears, and an erotic novelist poisoned by a juicy, red apple. All the evidence points firmly at Roxy's beloved agent, Oliver, and she's determined to prove his innocence.

With the help of a seductive newcomer, Roxy must hunt down the killer before another author meets his final sentence... Little does she know, a ghostwriter is next on the hit list!

Will this be Roxy Parker's last writes?

The third mystery for our amateur sleuth sees the return of meddling mother Lorraine, supercop Gilda Maltin, and brooding photographer Max—how will he handle Roxy’s new love interest? Tag along and find out as Roxy embarks on a nail-biting road trip up the east coast of Australia, the killer hot on her trail!

In C.A. Larmer's third stand-alone mystery, you'll find enough humour, fashion and suspense to keep you on the edge of your manicured toes.

A Word of Caution About the Language
This story is set in Australia so contains some slang and strong adult language. Both are an everyday part of the Aussie vernacular but the author apologises for any confusion or offence. It is not intended.

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