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Camera Obscura

A photojournalist finds that obsession can lead to self-discovery.

Camera Obscura

by Rosanne Dingli

A photojournalist finds that obsession can lead to self-discovery.

An exciting art heist novel.
An explosion in a café blasts a mysterious woman into Bart Zacharin’s life. Nothing but a monotonous existence in Western Australia and a dull photographer’s job stand in his way to pursue Minnie Cuff. Her attraction becomes a fixation, no matter how many lies she tells. It escalates into a chase to France and Malta, where violence and trickery overwhelm Bart when he discovers what she is couriering, and for whom. His love must prove more powerful than the thrill of Minnie’s work and the compelling ruthless man she works for.
Fast moving yet poignant, Camera Obscura is one desperate man’s struggle with obsessive love that competes with a million-dollar crime empire: a search for meaning and belonging, frustrated by bad luck and misadventure.

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Pages: 306


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