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by Tom Evans

This We Know

This We Know is a book about knowing, what it means to know and what we don't know. It is an exploration too of what sort of world we could all know and how we might get there.

This We Know is also proof that a book does not have to be a big book to be a BIG BOOK.

It was written and published in just two weeks which is proof too that writing a book does not have to take a long time either. It was written to be read in one sitting, or on a single commute. Its message may stay with you a while longer.

The book is aimed at readers aged from 9 to 120 years old. One twelve year old boy even described the book as "mind bobbling". This says it all. Be prepared to have your mind 'bobbled'.

The Postscript will both blow and open your mind. You will want to live on the planet it describes. This is handy as you are already on it - it's called Spaceship Earth.

This book is a purposely short exploration into what we know, what we don't know and how we can open up the floodgates to acquiring even more knowledge.

We don't give our knowledge a second thought yet some of us would bet considerable amounts of money on what we know. We are proud of our retention of facts. Pub quizzes and TV quiz shows thrive on this seemingly basic desire.

We would swear on a bible that the Sun will set and rise each day. In fact, the Sun stays relatively static as the Earth rotates on its axis giving the illusion of sunset and sunrise.

We know, for a fact, that we know more things than our predecessors. By inference, our descendants will know more than us yet again. In a hundred years time, they may even smile lovingly at our innocence and naivety.

Knowing there is an infinity of things yet to know is one of the key tenets of our knowledge.

Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, humanity can evolve from its current state into a very bright future indeed.

This We Know.

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