Organize The Nancy Way

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by Nancy Roe

Organize The Nancy Way

Organizing your life can be an enjoyable, even inspiring process.

Organize The Nancy Way is the low-cost, fun, creative way to get your life in shape. This book provides you easy and practical advice for organizing.

How do I organize cabinets to fight clutter? How can I store my jewelry? What are the benefits of a home inventory? How can I organize my purse?

With Organize The Nancy Way, you'll discover the answers to these questions and much more. Nancy Roe draws on her experience as an organizer offering clear, concise information that will help you with your next organizing project. You'll find:
- step-by-step instructions
- suggestions for reusing items already in your home
- hints offering you valuable information
- ways to save you money
- personal tips from the author
- achievement checklists to record your accomplishments

Have you ever wanted to organize your life but didn't know where to start? This book is designed to assist you in getting organized in your life-your way. Choose a chapter, take your time, have fun. This book's goal is for you to become an organized individual in a fun, creative way.

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