The Bookbinder's Brother

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by Rosanne Dingli

The Bookbinder's Brother

It can be devastating when a family member shows an unhealthy interest in a young relative. It's an issue that's as old as the hills. Dealt with in a historical short story, it emerges as thought-provoking rather than threatening, and shows how love can conquer confusion.

Read The Bookbinder's Brother to see how Rosanne Dingli’s stories deal with art, music, and literature, but also the human condition, and real contemporary personal issues. Her fiction is intensely concerned with location and atmosphere.

The short stories in this collection combine diverse meanings of intimacy experienced by a fascinating assortment of characters, at different times, in different places.

This is an excursion into how close, or how distant, two individuals can feel. Enjoy this special collection of fifteen previously published and awarded stories.

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