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All in a Jam

A rhyming picture book

All in a Jam

by Rebecca Bielawski

A rhyming picture book

A rhyming picture book

What happens when the traffic lights break down at the intersection? All kinds of vehicles in a whole lot of trouble and a great big traffic jam!

A fun and colourful book for kids who love cars, especially broken ones.

Elements include: Cars, trucks, motorbike, bus, van, fire engine, tow truck, RV, police car, traffic lights, a bird.

245 words
21 pages

Spanish version also available: UN MONTÓN DE COCHES

About the author:
Born in New Zealand, currently lives and works in Spain.
Author and Illustrator of children's picture books in English and Spanish.

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Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Children's Books

Pages: 26


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