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Claddagh Pool

The body of the bishop is found floating in Claddagh Pool. Did he drown or was he murdered?

Claddagh Pool

by Denis Hearn

The body of the bishop is found floating in Claddagh Pool. Did he drown or was he murdered?

The body of the Bishop of Galway is discovered floating in Claddagh Pool. Detective Conor Horgan arrives at the scene where his investigation reveals the shadowy world of a secret group bent on retribution and justice for victims of abuse in the Catholic Church. He teams up with reporter Anne O’Gorman, and together, they pursue the case and each other.

The Catholic Church in Ireland is at the epicenter of a scandal revolving around pedophile priests who practice their perversion undaunted by the glare of media, the silence of the Vatican, and even the bureaucratic red-tape of government agencies charged with protecting the innocent.

Finbar, haunted by memories of abuse when he was an altar boy, turns to a group called Dies Irae for emotional and legal help. Stymied by inaction and cover up, the group ultimately turns to violence and murder as their only recourse.

This timely and fast paced thriller is set in the harsh environment of western Ireland, where the innocent become suspect. Skillfully written with an intricately interwoven mix of characters, Claddagh Pool takes us on a page turning adventure. This story will plunge you back into the Ireland we all love. We follow Conor and Anne and their passion through landscapes dotted with wild sheep, the wind swept barren rocks of the Twelve Bens, and the stone-walled roads of Connemara as they expose the evil deeds of a few and give hope to those who are left behind.

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