Maggie's Art (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 2)

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by Sharon Burch Toner

Maggie's Art (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 2)

Maggie McGill Mystery #2

When Florida psychotherapist, Maggie McGill, has a bad day at work does it mean burnout? How could she survive if she no longer could work as a therapist? Maggie picks up her paintbrush and finds that her art hobby provides balance that helps her continue her counseling career. Encouraged by her beloved daughter, Allie, Maggie attempts to market her art. But her budding art career is threatened by a cold, vicious murder, and Maggie and Allie find themselves embroiled in an adventure filled with danger and mystery.

Once again Hadi, the enigmatic Sufi mystic, appears to help them. Who is Hadi really? Why does he appear and disappear so mysteriously? Will they ever find an answer to this conundrum?

This fast paced mystery explores the delights of coastal Florida as the heroines romp through another delightful adventure. Back in their own hometown of Costa Mira, Maggie and Allie McGill exhibit wit, kindness, and courage while they struggle to solve this latest mystery.

Sharon Burch Toner's Irish grandmother gave her a lifelong appreciation for a story well told. She pursued a career as a psychotherapist for nearly twenty years before she turned to writing as her ideal occupation. She lives in California.

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