Monkey Stuff: A children's rhyming counting book

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by Rebecca Bielawski

Monkey Stuff: A children's rhyming counting book

Monkey Stuff
A children's rhyming counting book
Authored by Rebecca Bielawski

Young children will encounter the numbers 1 to 10, a naughty little monkey, lots of familiar animals, people and objects and a funny rhyming text. A beautifully illustrated children's book full of life and color.

Elements include: a monkey, a crocodile, a lion, a dog, a princess, an ant, a cow, a baker, an apple tree, a horse and a bird.

Pages: 24
Words: 384
Level: Preschool to 6yrs

Spanish version also available: COSITAS DE MONITOS

About the author:
Born in New Zealand, currently lives and works in Spain.
Author and Illustrator of children's picture books in English and Spanish.

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Pages: 24


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