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Annie and the man from Cairo

Annie and the man from Cairo

by Elizabeth Jenan-Dickman

Trucker Joe Barker has one more delivery and he will head home to his wife and children. Unaware of the danger that has been sneaked into his load of lettuce he picks up a young hitchhiker. But Annie is no ordinary runaway. An heiress she is highly educated and trained in martial arts. When they stop at a café for a dinner they never make it out of the parking lot. Hijacked by hooded terrorists with intricate plans to blow up hundreds of educators and children at the Los Angeles convention center they are shoved into the back of Joe’s truck, tied and left in the dark.

Beaten, deprived of food and terrorized, the former marine and the pampered heiress must appear to cooperate if they are to live long enough to save the lives of the innocent conventioneers. With four days to thwart their captors’ horrendous plans Joe and Annie have a few surprises for the terrorists but will need more than skill and courage to stop the man from Cairo.

If Annie survives four days in captivity with terrorists, will she be able to return to the man she loves?

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Pages: 425


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