Lily Liver Series

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by Susan Swain

Lily Liver Series

A series of four rhyming stories for children about dalmatian dogs Lily Liver and Two Pi R. Lily Liver learns to play ball with Boomerang the labrador in On the Ball. In On the Run, Billy Brown the border collie guides the dalmatians, cocker spaniels Yankee Sam and Jake and Joe, and Australian terriers Sadie and her sister on their daily walk. But can he protect 'his flock' from Wiley Shep? Follow Lily in On the Plate as she tries to steal food from Herman the German shepherd, Pat the cat, Yankee Sam, and the sparrows. In On the Call Lily Liver and Two Pi R talk ‘dog’ with Laika, Billy Brown, and Boomerang.

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Genres: Childrens

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Pages: 24


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