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by Wodke Hawkinson


A young scientist, Ava Majestic, is pitted against an egotistical billionaire, Augustus Agnotico. He believes she is in possession of an artifact with special powers and hires a rogue, Needle, to follow her as she travels through space, investigating planets to clear them for habitation. Needle, drawn to Ava, quits working for Agnotico and teams up with her.
On the planet Tangerine, they encounter life forms never before seen, confront danger, and discover a treasure of immense power. She and Needle learn they are the heirs to this fantastic device. In the face of Agnotico’s relentless pursuit, the couple must find a way to prevent Agnotico from gaining possession of their legacy, even if it means his death.
From the wild reaches of space and back again, Tangerine takes the reader into a future where long-distance space travel is commonplace and aliens are a natural part of everyday life.

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