Heavy Duty Attitude (Brethren Trilogy Book 2)

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by Iain Parke

Heavy Duty Attitude (Brethren Trilogy Book 2)

Iain had written a book about The Brethren MC and how powerful they could be.

He knew it was a dangerous thing to have done, whether they liked it or not, and one that had taken him part way into their world.

And now it was his turn.

Now a new President, with big boots to fill, was going to make him an offer he was going to find difficult to refuse, and once in the outlaw biker’s world, would he ever be able to get out again?

And as an outsider on the inside, with serious trouble looming, who, if anyone, can he trust?

The Brethren Outlaw Motorcycle Club Crime Thriller Series are set in the world of UK outlaw bikers, biker gangs and gangland crime (a world most familiar from the American TV series Gangland, and Sons of Anarchy). The novels are under development for TV and are expected to be crime thrillers best sellers once the series hits the screen.

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