All Roads Are Circles

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by Tom Bentley

All Roads Are Circles

They Packed Everything They Needed to Hitchhike Across Country--Except Good Sense

Interested in coming-of-age stories with a twist? And then a tangle to the twist? All Roads Are Circles will take you on an improbable, tumultuous ride, with lots of ruts to sink your wheels, but lots of humor to pull your eyes back on the road.

"This is the novel which has cured me of my e-book resistance. I loved it! Bentley's characters are so vivid, so richly depicted, they engage you instantly ... Can't recommend it highly enough." — Madge, 5-star review

Betrayal, loyalty, emotional carnage, forgiveness and yes, sex—two old friends, recent graduates from high school, go hitchhiking across Canada in the free-flowing 70s, and meet and fall in love with the same girl. Their rollicking ride hooks them up with gun-toting businessmen, devious runaways, sinister (and toothless) threats, two truck-stealing brothers for whom lunatic larceny is a daily treat, and a roadside philosopher as wise as he is generous.

All Roads Are Circles is a story of innocence lost, knowledge gained, and the sweet madness of accepting a ride with driver after driver who might not—or definitely don't—have their passengers' best interests in mind. A wild ride; seat belts optional.

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