Cornerstone (The Cornerstone Series Book 1)

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by Misty Provencher

Cornerstone (The Cornerstone Series Book 1)

Cornerstone is the first book in this completed, Young Adult series. The reading order for these books is: Cornerstone, Keystone, Jamb, Capstone.

Nalena Maxwell is The Waste. At least, that’s what she’s been tagged as at school, due to her mother’s obsession with hoarding truckloads of paper, each one scrawled with lines of what appears to be single-sentence stories. The insane volume of paper has forced them out of their house and now threatens to push them out of their apartment, but Nalena’s mother, Evangeline, refuses to part with a single sheet.
Evangeline’s papers are so much more than just a hoarder’s obsession.
They are the reason behind the Maxwell’s tumultuous family past.
And they are the reason why the future is calling upon Nalena as its champion.
Kept in the dark, in order to protect her from the past and future that no mother wants her child to endure, the life she’s presently living is illegible to Nalena. She believes her fate is to be only The Waste, until one night, when Garrett Reese--possibly the school’s most handsome and popular Senior--seeks her out in the back corner of the library with answers and questions that reveal the true ink on Nalena’s destiny.

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