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Cemetery Girl

Janie is high school girl whose art might be reaching beyond the grave

Cemetery Girl

by Joseph Cognard

Janie is high school girl whose art might be reaching beyond the grave

Drawing was always a special gift and talent for Janie. It was her release from the pressures of growing up and her escape from feeling like she didn’t fit in. One day while sitting and creating illustrations in a cemetery, “special” took on a whole new meaning for Janie. Her drawings appeared to reveal hidden messages from beyond the grave where she sketched.

Journey with Janie around Queens, New York, as she comes to realize that sometimes images can say more than words. With the help of her friends, she searches for the meaning behind the messages being revealed.

As she tries to unravel the mystery, she also tries to make sense of her growing feelings for two special guys: her best friend Bobby, and a new student at school Keith, who just arrived from California with his dad, a deep tan and his own car.

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