Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. Two

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Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. Two

Short story collection, various genres

Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. Two

by Wodke Hawkinson

Short story collection, various genres

Blue is the second volume of short stories by multi-genre author, Wodke Hawkinson. Blue contains three novelettes, which in and of themselves make the book a must-read. In addition, Blue also features eleven shorter works that run the gamut from bawdy humor in “The Erotic Adventure of Dick Speed” to the contemplative surrealism of “Death Hates His Job”. Blue is a bit darker overall than Wodke's previous work, Catch Her in the Rye, but does contain a few lighthearted pieces.

Wodke Hawkinson’s writing explores a variety of subjects which results in stories peopled with unique and memorable characters. Each of the novelettes in Blue introduces the reader to three different and compelling stories. In “Back to the Past”, a young man recalls meeting his bride years before when they were children, and reminisces about their childhood friendship. “The Deconstruction of Dennis” is a tragedy that illustrates the lonely sorrow of mental illness. The title piece, “Blue”, tells the harrowing story of a young girl who is thrust into the custody of her father’s unsavory family upon the death of her mother.

Wodke Hawkinson’s tales delight, entertain, and sometimes haunt the reader long after the pages are closed.

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