Shadows of the Keeper (Chronicles of the Keeper Book 1)

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by Karey Brown

Shadows of the Keeper (Chronicles of the Keeper Book 1)

Hidden in shadows, he protects her from ancient assassins . . . and himself.

Secure the sale of Castle MacLarrin. Heal your heart in the Highlands. Pfff! Emily knows better. What her boss really wants is to appease guilt over his butthead son having married another. Well, fine. He's paid for her ticket, the least she can do is find this castle. Then, swear off love forever, and enjoy Inverness. And stick to what she knows: coffee, historical romance books--where the men don't bail--and isolation.

Thirty-six hundred years is a long time to suffer the punishment of immortality--even longer for Broc MacLarrin to endure memories of the exiled princess whose uncanny powers could have saved them all. And now, a nearly dead modern has been brought through the 'door' . . . this Emily none other than the bane of his existence--for, if she's returned, so too will those who killed her before--the Lumynari.

Three life-cycles, he's loved her--and tenderly carried her soul to his father, Hades. Prince Dezenial of the Lumynari vows there won't be a fourth time. Remaining in shadows, he keeps her safe from his mother, the vile goddess Shadow--and his heart. But now, Emily's in the keeping of the Forest Lords, the fools no match against what hunts her . . .

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