Hoarding Lies, Keeping Secrets

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by Michaele Lockhart

Hoarding Lies, Keeping Secrets

When does enough become terrifying? How many secrets can one house contain? Enter the Morton mansion and discover horrors hidden for generations. Returned to the family's home after her eldest sister dies without a will, Jeanne Stewart must again face the pain of her family's betrayals, deceptions, lies, tales of a poisoning, and even darker secrets while helping identify antiques and heirlooms for the State's estate appraiser in what has become the house of a severe hoarder. As the house is emptied of the hoarder's junk, its emotional weight increases. Jeanne had imagined herself well-acquainted with her family's history but nothing can prepare her for the final discoveries.

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Pages: 205

ASIN: 1936380048

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