Last Resort

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by Rolynn Anderson

Last Resort

Corporate fixer Rena Gordon needs to wrench a Canadian resort out of the red in time for the Canadian-American Winter Games—but employees bent on sabotage are blocking her every move. When her loose-cannon sister arrives after being kicked out of yet another school, Rena must face the past she's worked so hard to hide, while fighting her attraction to a local fishing guide. CIA agent Neal Jackson is undercover as a fishing guide to find terrorists at Big Bay. He needs Rena's confidence to access her employee files without exposing his identity, but despite his vow to keep a professional distance, his feelings for her are anything but businesslike. Caught between vengeful employees, a sister who likes to party, and a hot CIA agent—Rena’s corporate training didn't prepare her for this. Can she trust her instincts to save the people and resort she's grown to love?

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Pages: 282

ASIN: 1601549253

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